Christchurch Learning Centre is one of five Learning Centres across Dorset who provide education for those pupils unable to sustain a full-time place in mainstream school.  Pupils are referred for additional support via a number of professionals including the Dorset Exclusions Officer, Health Professionals & CAMHS, Dorset LAC Team and Dorset SEN Team.

Pupils can only gain access to provision if a referral is agreed by the Alternative Provision Admissions Panel which is chaired by Mrs Sylvia Lord (Alternative Provision Commissioner).

Panels are held at Monkton Park Dorchester.

Alternative Provision Admissions Panel Dates

Policy for Admission to Learning Centres

Pupil Places

Christchurch Learning Centre (CLC) is currently able to offer 40 pupil places.  This comprises of up to 28 places at our main site on Stour Road and up to 12 places at our medical site at the The Lighthouse Centre (TLC) on Barrack Road.

Admissions Process

Once a place has been agreed at panel with identifiable outcomes and time frames, parents will be contacted to arrange an induction meeting within 7-10 days.  Admission forms and a parent handbook will be posted to parents prior to this meeting but are also available from the school website.

During the induction meeting, we will make initial plans for intervention and support and discuss an induction timetable which allows CLC staff time to complete baseline assessments and plan a differentiated programme that meets the needs of the individual pupil.

Provision cannot commence until the Centre is in receipt of all admission forms required.

Parent Admission Forms – CLC

Parent Handbook – CLC