We have subscribed to an online homework and exam-preparation service called ‘Doddle’. All students have their own login and can access all tasks set by their teachers on

Effective for students

The resources on Doddle are built to meet curriculum specifications, and are designed with student engagement in mind.

Doddle presentations, quizzes and interactive activities use real-life examples to encourage problem solving and are packed with audio and animations that bring learning to life.

Trusted by schools

Doddle products are used in 85% of UK schools, and help thousands of teachers to plan and deliver memorable lessons.

They regularly update their resources and services to meet the needs of pupils in the ever changing educational landscape, and consistently incorporate requests and feedback into the development.

Designed by teachers

A team of experienced teachers and education experts have worked together for over 15 years to produce a practical and reliable teaching, homework and assessment platform.

Doddle has been designed to reduce teacher workload at every stage by automatically tracking results, giving insight into student attainment, and providing formative resources for actionable next steps.